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New Leaks About Intel Arrow Lake CPU Series

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New Leaks About Intel Arrow Lake CPU Series

Intel’s new Arrow Lake CPUs have been leaked. K, non-K and F series SKUs in eight different models will come with 125W and 65W TDPs.

Intel ‘sArrow Lake series , developed against AMD’s upcoming Zen 5 CPUs, has been leaked. These next-generation processors, like their predecessors, will come in K, non- and F-series SKUs. According to the information, a total of eight different CPU models will be offered in the 125W and 65W TDP ranges.

Intel Arrow Lake CPU Series Leaked: K and Non-K Models with 125W and 65W TDP

The new CPU architectures of Intel and AMD, planned to be released in 2024, are known as Arrow Lake and Zen 5. With Intel’s new branding strategy, Arrow Lake processors will be marketed under the name Core Ultra 200. It is also said that the brand of non-K ARL-S parts has changed against the K series unlocked processors.

According to leaks, there will be a total of eight K and non-K Arrow Lake desktop CPUs in the 125W and 65W TDP ranges. K series chips with 125W TDP; It will be called Core Ultra 9 285K, Core Ultra 7 265K and Core Ultra 5 245K. These will carry 24, 20 and 14 cores respectively. In the non-K series with 65W TDP, Core Ultra 9 275, Core Ultra 7 255 and Core Ultra 5 240 models are expected.

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F Series and its Growth

Intel is also expected to launch two F-series processors with 65W TDP, bringing the total number to eight. In particular, it is said that Core Ultra 5 will be a 10-core and 10-thread chip. Intel is expected to expand its CPU family over time, as in previous series. For example, the Raptor Lake Refresh series includes 17 models in the 14th generation. In light of these leaks, official statements are awaited for definitive information about the 8 Core Ultra 200 ARL-S chip.

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