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Mecha Break Details

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Mecha Break Details

What kind of game is Mecha Break, which was featured at Summer Game Fest and Xbox Games Showcase?

Amazing Seasun Games’ multiplayer mech shooter Mecha Break , showcasing the incredible designs of Takayuki Yanase (Metal Gear, Gundam, Armored Core, Death Stranding) and Junya Ishigaki (Xenogears, Gundam, Macross), arrives this August on PC and Xbox Series He appeared at Summer Game Fest and Xbox Games Showcase to announce Closed Beta Testing on the X and reveal that Mecha Break will be available to all players in 2025.

What kind of game is Mecha Break?

Amazing Seasun Games has worked tirelessly to bring players the most exciting multiplayer mech experience, and fans can experience it for themselves during Mecha Break’s PC and Xbox Closed Beta Tests starting in August 2024.

Mecha Break features customizable mechs, player-created mech pilots, a wide variety of mech and weapon types, and three different game modes where you can explore a range of attacker, brawler, defender, sniper and support mechs, each with unique play styles and tool sets .

Filled with high-tech mechs and fast-paced combat, Mecha Break puts players in the pilot seat of their own customized mech, allowing them to dive into the unique clash of steel and plasma. After multiple successful closed betas, a larger group of players will be able to pilot their own mechs this August. Players can side with a team of three to six allies in 3v3 Arena or 6v6 Battlefield game modes, or dive into PvEvP mode for up to 60 players.

Key Features of Mecha Break

  • No Pilot Flyes Alone : ​​Join teams of three or six as you showcase exceptional piloting skills to conquer enemies and strategically coordinate victories. Take full control and turn the tide of battle, face ambushes and confront other players’ enemy mechs in PvEvP mode for up to 60 players. Avoid storms of coup, outmaneuver your opponents, and seize the spoils of victory.
  • A Vast Arsenal of Mechs and Weapons : Explore a range of assault, melee, sniper, scouting and support mechanics, each with unique playstyles. Engage in gripping air and ground battles, using strategic tactics for close and long-range encounters. Unleash devastating firepower, incinerate enemies with precision beams and rain down missiles on the battlefield. Prepare for adrenaline-pumping battles, lightning-fast maneuvers and explosive firepower. Experience the essence of speed, power and exciting controls.
  • Fully Customizable Mechanics : Customize your mechanics with precision down to its individual parts. Personalize every detail, from full body paint jobs to unique hues for armor, internal frame and weapons. Choose from a variety of colors, wear levels, sheens and metallic finishes to showcase your unique style. Further enhance your mechanics with patterns and decals to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Mecha Break‘s PC and Xbox Closed Beta Test will begin in August 2024 and will be available on Steam and consoles at a later date. 

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