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Private AI is an artificial intelligence platform designed specifically for the needs of companies. This platform allows companies to build and manage their own AI models .

Private AI

Designed with security and privacy in mind, Private AI protects companies’ data and allows access only to authorized users.

The advantages offered by this platform include the ability of companies to create customized artificial intelligence models according to their needs. In this way, it is possible to produce solutions in areas such as customer services, risk management, product development and operational efficiency.

For example, in the field of customer service, Private AI can help companies reduce costs while increasing customer satisfaction by providing automated responses.

Likewise, in the field of risk management, the platform can help companies prevent financial losses by detecting fraud and other risks.

The use of Private AI in the product development process is also very common. The platform can guide companies in developing new products and services by conducting market analysis.

From an operational efficiency perspective, it can support companies in automating and optimizing business processes.

Private AI

The price of Private AI varies depending on the company’s needs and the features to be used.

However, the platform offers companies special pricing while competing with rivals such as Google Cloud AI, AWS AI, and Microsoft Azure AI.

With the increasing use of artificial intelligence, the importance of platforms such as Private AI will also increase. Companies will continue to adopt such technologies to increase their efficiency and gain competitive advantage.

How does Private AI work?

Private AI represents an approach that, unlike regular artificial intelligence, gives high priority to data processing and privacy. This new approach allows companies to build and manage their own AI models, keeping data safe.

Core Concept: Private AI allows companies to build and manage their own AI models with their data never leaving their infrastructure. This is of great importance, especially for companies that have sensitive data. Addresses concerns about security and privacy of data.

On-Premises Deployment: Private AI runs as a self-hosted container. This container runs on the company’s own servers and keeps all data under the company’s physical control. In this way, the security and confidentiality of the data is ensured.

Focus on Data Privacy: Private AI offers various features to ensure data privacy. By using techniques such as data anonymization and synthetic data generation, the security and confidentiality of data is kept at the maximum level. This enables companies to process and use their data safely.

Private AI Benefits:

  • Security and control: Companies have full control over their data and the AI ​​models they create.
  • Compliance: Private AI helps companies comply with data privacy regulations.
  • Customization: Models can be tailored to the company’s specific needs and data.

Comparison: There are several key differences between Private AI and traditional cloud-based AI. For example, there are significant differences in factors such as data location, data privacy, customization and control. Private AI offers companies a more secure, customized and controllable artificial intelligence experience.

Overall, Private AI offers an excellent solution for companies, especially those dealing with sensitive data, to develop their own AI models in a secure and private environment. This platform is an ideal option for companies concerned about data privacy and security.

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