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Viking Rise Calls New Leaders to Rule the Viking World

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Viking Rise Calls New Leaders to Rule the Viking World

A new adventure begins in the cold and wild lands of the north. Midgard awaits its new leader who will establish the most powerful Viking tribe in its fertile lands!

It’s time to heed the Call of Valhalla. IGG’s new game, Viking Rise, invites players to become one of the Viking leaders, renowned for their strength and fearlessness in brutal cold. Viking Rise, a multiplayer real-time war strategy and SLG genre, offers a unique mobile gaming experience with its different gameplay styles and cinematic graphics.

In Viking Rise, players take on the role of a Viking leader who leads his community to the promising new world of Midgard. The way to become a famous and rich leader in this new continent, full of dangers as well as opportunities, is to guide the community with well-thought-out strategies. Players will explore Midgard, develop their communities by hunting and fighting, form alliances with other players, wage fierce battles against enemies, and fight to become the best leader with their own strategies.

The excitement of battle shoulder to shoulder with Viking heroes

In Viking Rise, players can summon and recruit legendary heroes they know from Scandinavian culture to join their own communities. In this way, they can enjoy fighting shoulder to shoulder with their favorite Viking warriors. Additionally, the game features an advanced city development and simulation system, unlike conventional war strategy games. Viking Rise has a realistic visual design, with elements that showcase the harshness of Viking culture, as well as graphics that offer movie-level animation processing and character movements. It is possible to experience being a Viking in the real world in the game, which features day and night transitions as well as seasonal changes.

Customizable gameplay styles

As leaders, Viking Rise players can determine how to position their villages in accordance with their strategies and play styles. Players can position their village as a trade center where product flows take place, as a resource center with rich and fertile lands, or as a military stronghold of a powerful and fearless warrior army. For this, they can assign and recruit workers to hunt, collect resources or fight as they wish. With this feature, Viking Rise differs from similar games that offer a single gameplay style and offers freedom to the player with customizable gameplay styles.

Turn your game time into advantage with Open Air Meetings

Viking Rise offers a unique feature that will make the time spent in the game more productive, with “Open Air Meetings” where decisions about the community are made and the great heroes of the Viking world share their ideas. During Open Air Gatherings, the great Viking heroes of the community share their ideas with suggestions and guidance, and operations such as developing troops, upgrading structures, and carrying out construction can be set to be automatically progressed by the system.

Strategic moves in the winding waters of Midgard

The Drakkar Ship in the game brings the Vikings’ maritime capabilities and strategies in the raging oceans and rivers to the game. With these new ships, players do not have to proceed only by land while exploring the vast lands of Midgard. It allows planning new strategies, such as faster exploration by moving quickly through the winding waterways and oceans scattered across the map, or planning unexpected attacks by sneaking up on enemies.

The power of fighting together is in Viking Rise

Viking Rise also features a special dungeon and boss system based on fighting together. This special mode, where friends come together and fight against various bosses to capture the lands called Divine Realms, offers the opportunity to form powerful allies as well as the excitement of fighting together. In this special mode, players can fight against the bosses together with their allies and enjoy a challenging fight while creating strategies to control the battlefield against enemy alliances.

The realistic excitement of ruling the Viking world awaits players with this new game that will make you feel the cold of the north at your fingertips.

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