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Sony Collaborates with LEGO Project Including a Popular PlayStation Series is on the Way

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It was claimed that Sony will cooperate with LEGO very soon. This collaboration will include a beloved PlayStation series

We know that LEGO games and movies are very popular. Different companies are partnering with LEGO to bring their products to fans in this unique style. New news reveals thatSony will now take such a step.

Tom Henderson from Insider Gaming, whom we know for his leaks from the gaming world, announced that Sony will collaborate with LEGO for a popularPlayStation series .

Allegedly, Sony will make an announcement very soon and announce that it is collaborating with LEGO. This collaboration is said to focuson Horizon , Guerilla Games’ hit action RPG series exclusive to PlayStation . The Horizon series, which takes place in an open world full of interesting elements and tells the story of the character named Aloy, has so far appeared with two main games: Zero Dawn and Forbidden West. There was also a VR spin-off game called Call of the Mountain.

It is unclear what will be announced within the scope of the collaboration. This could be aLEGO Horizon game . Or we might even see aLEGO set inspired by the Horizon series coming . So it is not possible to say for sure for now. However, no matter what, we can say that a project that will delight both Horizon and LEGO fans is on the way.

Sony is expected to hold a PlayStation Showcase later this month. We can guess that the announcement of the LEGO collaboration will come at this event, whose time is not yet known.

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