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Game Subscription Services Like PS Plus and Game Pass Struggle to Grow

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Subscription services such as PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass are preferred by millions of players today. These services, which offer a wide game catalog for a fixed monthly or annual fee, are of great importance, especially in places such as Turkey, wheregame prices are high.

Although these platforms have increased significantly in our country recently, we can say that they are still quite attractive when we consider that a 3 thousand lira tag is attached to a AAA game. However, game subscription platforms seem to have lost their former appeal around the world.

Game Subscription Services Are on Pause

Mat Piscatella, an analyst at research firm Circana, stated in his post in June 2023 that consumer spending onnon-mobile video game subscriptions in the USA stopped in April and grew only two percent year on year.Sharing a new analysis today , Piscatella noted that game subscription expenditures in March 2024 increased by only 1 percent compared to April 2023.

In other words, subscription services likePS PlusandXbox Game Pass may no longer be steadily growing business models. Piscatella emphasizes that companies can still make money from these models, but the growth needs to be much greater than what we’re currently seeing for them to be defined as the future of an industry that’s currently on uncertain ground.

These types of services have begun to appeal to users who are simply curious about playing dozens of new games every month. The vast majority of consumers seem happy to purchase one or two games a year and spend time on free-to-play games likeFortnite orGenshin Impact . In addition, the time spent on games is much more than the time spent on a TV series or movie or music. When you put all this together, the slowdown in game-focused subscription services seems understandable.

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